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I am not incredibly patriotic but I am incredibly thankful.Over this last year or so much has been said about the condition of our country, many of its negative attributes brought to the surface. Whether its past or current state but we should not forget how much this country has done in the way of good. All for the most are immigrants which fled the country of origin for a better life and country was our refuge. Nearly 80% of the WORLDS food comes from this country. Here in this land is one of the few places that freedom of religion exists. If push comes to shove we have the best military branches to defend the liberties we often take for granted. In perspective we have pretty damn good here in the good ol' US of A.Be proud today that you live in one of the freest countries and that while you bbq and drink you adult beverages you are safe. God Bless America
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As the light of the day fades the warmth of the fire takes its place. #beachnights