Creating something from nothing when completed is an amazing feeling. Staring at a blank canvas for days or hours is frustrating.

For almost a week now I have been trying to figure out what I should write about. There are so many ideas and I start something and get stuck. It is pure madness! But then again, when I am in my creative flow it is also madness.

Here are some things that help me remain creative:

1. Rest, our brain does not function well off of being tired and no amount of caffeine can make up for good sweet sleep.

2. Community, being around other creative people will inspire you. There is just something that makes you feel alive when you are around kindred spirits.

3. Feedback, talk to other creative types about your projects. The more you talk about the more passion that will develop for it. Works the same in relationships too ;).

4. Color outside of the lines, Bob Ross never made a mistake in painting he just made it a happy tree or spunky rock.

5. Have fun, don’t be the emo artist! Have fun with your work but make you aren’t just all work. Creativity is spontaneous, so go out and do something that makes you smile.

6. Walk away, staring at your project will not inspire you but only frustrate you! Go do #5.

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