In 2009 I went on my first international ministry trip. Little did I know how it would impact me then or even now. I went to Brazil and absolutely loved it! There we went various cities training and equipping pastors and church leaders during the day. During the nights we would fill large warehouse like buildings with people as far as the eye could see from the stage’s blinding lights. Honestly, never had I seen such passion as I saw during that trip. Their zeal and their passion have left an impression that has yet to fade. I saw 100s if not 1000s of people impacted and changed by the presence of God. You can see what I am talking about in the video below…but now I am going back!

You read correctly. I was invited to return to Brazil just as 2016 was closing out. I didn’t have many details until about a week or so ago but the original hosting ministry has asked that I join them in March but this time as one of the main speakers. The main difference for this trip than the last trip, souls! This time we will be reaching thousands upon thousands for the sake and work of the Gospel. The trip prior as I said above was focused primarily on training and equipping pastors and church leaders.

This is quite the opportunity. As many of you know I work with a ministry which does a lot of work in Third World Countries and it takes a lot to do these types of events. From working with governments to tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why it is quite the opportunity. In most situations I am would be asked to also aide the funding of such an event but I am not being asked to help with any of the funding but only to cover my costs for going. That’s it! Those expenses range from airfare in and out of Brazil, hotels, food, in country travel costs, visas, and associated administrative fees.

As you can imagine I am beyond excited! But…

I still need to raise the money to make it all happen and that is where you my friends and family who believe in me and those who want to see the Gospel not just be talked about but also demonstrated.


The total need to cover all expenses is $3840.00

The most immediate need which is airfare and travel visa is $2200

As far as the remaining $1640 is not really needed until the week I leave, March 8.


Please thoughtfully and prayerfully consider giving into this amazing opportunity.


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