For nearly the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to operate my own business. It is something that has been on and off, meaning I pick it up when I want to and with it I have learned many things about people and doing business. If anything it has been a great learning tool and experience. With most of my business being helping other businesses I have learned some very important tools that help keep people in business. Over the next couple of weeks I am going share some of my business philosophies and experiences with you in hope that they will help those in business already or those who may want to go into business for themselves do so successfully. – @sunnydwes

One of the most important things in business, really in life, is integrity. More than just being honest being integrous means doing things with the utmost moral uprightness. There are some many situations where one can cheat their employees and/or customers in order to achieve personal gain but at what expense is this done.

Cutting corners or cheating your customers can be detrimental to your business resulting in a loss of revenue, employees, or ultimately losing your business. It can be very tempting to fudge a numbers on a report, overlook details, or overcharge but in the end this reflects on you as a person and the future of your company. Saving a few cents and some paperwork will never outweigh the benefits of exercising integrity.

What are some of the benefits for a business or supervisor operating with integrity:

Trust – When a customer knows they can trust they will base their decision off of your decision because they believe you are doing what is best for them. Customers who trust the company or person who is doing business will opt for the higher priced service or additional service because they see value and know the quality being offered. This is big for internal business as well. Employees who trust the company and the supervisors they work are more likely to work more efficiently, pass the same principal to the customer, and be a positive representative of the company on and off of the clock.

Increased Revenue – When the bond between you and the customer is created and they know you to be an honest business they will come to you first for their needs which creates a repeating customer. Repeating customers are usually more cost effective because they cost less to maintain and in addition to that they generate free advertising. New customers are easily generated when you have a happy existing customer base.

Word of Mouth – Everyone knows the most effective and strongest form of advertising is word of mouth but it doesn’t come easily. Think about how most people find a mechanic, a friend referred them and most likely that conversation was something along the lines “they are honest and do good work.” If you want to start the positive chatter about your business then give your customers something to talk about, go beyond the norm and provide that superior experience. **TIP: if you have loyal customers have them give you a Yelp or Facebook review but offer them an incentive. If they are willing to share your business with their friends and family then they definitely deserve something in return.