Now Faith Is

We are in a season of “Now Faith Is” and immediate obedience is crucial. No longer are the days of waiting on 3 confirmations and a dream or seeking confirming words. Your fleece will be your faith and the action taken with it. Brother Hagee said these words: “Only in total obedience is there total…

No More Hiding. No More Shame. Come Home.

Many are in hiding because of shame, guilt, or embarrassment but the Lord has come looking for you, and He is calling your name. When Adam and Eve did the very thing God told them not to do they became instantly aware of their nakedness resulting in guilt, shame, and them hiding. However, just as quickly as they hid, God appeared in the Earth calling out their names. Not because He didn’t know where they were, but because it was to set a precedent for those to follow—when you fall short, come to Him not hide.