Taming the Tongue of the Accuser

Through this dream God revealed to me that there is authority available to us to silence this movement and put a cease and desist on their words and false seeds which they sow. The father is wanting to deliver His anointed and clear out the debris and movements he is endorsing at this time.

The Cataclysmic Collision of Chronos and Kairos Time

The Cataclysmic Collision of Chronos and Kairos Time

The collision of kairos and chronos will cause major disruption in the plans of men and put many on a course for greatness!

I believe wholeheartedly that the magnetic disruption will clear out all distraction and discouragement. Those grey clouds that seemed to follow you will no longer be attached but what will be is the goodness and glory of God, as they will be drawn to you.

God is Not Done Yet

This generation has been anointed before it’s time. There was a preparation time that has had to take place, growing in maturation in the things of the spirit and in the natural. Like the young David, anointed to be king, but right back to the fields taking care of sheep, this generation was anointed and called to greatness before its time and have been in the fields, tending sheep, and fighting off the bears and the lions. But God says, “If you cry out to me and return to who it is that you are supposed to be, and repent, you will find grace, favor, safety, and provision, for where you are right now, and where you will be going.

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