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The rumors are true, I am moving. There is a going away event on Friday Aug 28 @ 8pm, just don't have a location yet.It is sudden. I have been given a great opportunity to live out my passion in Charlotte, North Carolina. This isn't goodbye, just 'til I see you again.It was not an easy decision for me, it was with a heavy heart and much consideration I decided to make this move. For years I knew if I was to move this would be the place but timing was not right.What will I be doing? I am returning back to ministry for starters. After a 7yr break it is time. In addition I will be following some business adventures as well continuing to do consulting and marketing.I am still deciding where I want to host this, once I know I will add the location.
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Other than a few exceptions nothing is really random in life.The person who all the sudden comes to mind after days or maybe years without speaking is not random. Meeting someone new in an unexpected place is not random. Getting a flat tire is not random.Random is for those who do not live with intentionality and typically find themselves being a victim of circumstances. Life's events, whether a flat tire or meeting someone new, are divinely orchestrated and possess hidden treasures. It is our rights as children if God to search these matters out.It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the glory of kings to search it out.