Commitment can be really hard especially if it is not convenient or conventional. Whether it is a relationship, the gym, or growing a beard it simply is not a cake walk. Is it rewarding though?

For the last month I have been working on growing a beard, little did I know there was such a science to it. I have had stubble and a little scruff but never a full on BEARD. There has always been one reason or another that I had never grown out my manly main of facial hair and then at the end of last year I got into shaving with a safety razor, which I thoroughly recommend if you are going to be shaving but never but now I am on an expedition of joining the great society of bearded men. I mean come on, all the great men of history were bearded! Honest Abe, Jesus, Merlin, Gandalf, Moses, and Opie from Sons of Anarchy were all great bearded men.

It has been an interesting journey these past 4 weeks too. I get comments from friends, coworkers, and even strangers ranging from their approval to their jealousy of hair helmet. I know for sure that the snarky comments telling me to shave or how dirty it looks is nothing more than their jealousy of my main. Each week I #selfie it up on my Instagram (@sunnydwes) to show my growth process and I even joined The Society of Bearded Gentlemen, which I had no clue existed until I was researching beard maintenance. But beard growing is in my DNA, my dad has a knarly looking beard which kind of gives me insight to what the end product may be.

This is not just about my beard. It is about becoming disciplined and following through. There are times where my beard itches like crazy (it is normal), my face feels heavier, and sometimes it is just uncomfortable but I want it so I will endure it.

That is what commitment is about. You want something and so you will do what is needed to obtain that end result you want.

A friend of mine just finished her third half marathon but when she first started running the idea of running a miles was almost farfetched. It took a lot of work for them to get to the point where they could even run a mile. After a month or two of training her first 5K was complete! From there there was a series of hurdles that stood in her way. Once the training for the half marathon began she discovered all sorts of issues from shin splints to finding that perfect running shoe and though at times she wanted to give up she didn’t. She wanted to run a half marathon and so she did. Whether it was the pain of shin splints, early and cold mornings, or the feeling of no social life it did not stop her even though it tried. When she did try to quit or not go to her at the crack of dwan running group I didn’t let her pansy out.

Friends don’t let friends quit.

Random Fact: the song Jason Mraz wrote “I won’t give up” was actually inspired by him growing put his hair.


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