There was such a huge response from my original Confessional of A Fat Person blog that I felt it was a must to make a second one.

Confessional of a Fat Person II Confessional of a Fat Person II - Six Pack

One thing I was told over and over again was I put into words what so many have felt or are feeling most of their lives. I thought it was so awesome that just a little vulnerability got people talking about their struggle with weight and weight loss. For me it has been an uphill battle for the majority of my life and I have done so much to battle it but honestly, my thinking for most of my battle was wrong. Majority of my fight against being fat was in thinking I was a victim in some way and I blamed anyone or anything I could.

Sorry Mom.
It is easy for outsiders and even me to point the finger at my mom (I grew up with a single parent) for my weight issues but before fingers get pointed this is all a part of the wrong thinking I was speaking of. This is something that I just recently realized. As do most of my epiphanies come, I was driving and all the sudden a thought hit me “My weight is my choice” and this was the game changer for me. First let me explain why this made so much sense to me in that moment. Sub consciously I played a victim to my weight and allowed myself to believe that it was out of my control but in reality I just never took charge of the matter. I tried blaming the foods I ate growing up and thinking that my mom just gave me too much fast food, didn’t put me in enough sports, and let me become A-L-L the man I am today led to my current weight.

Single mom.
Single income.
Not exactly middle class.
The untold American story.

A meal was never missed, always had clothes on our back, and always had each other but we definitely were not well off. My mom worked to do what was needed to make sure we survived. Looking back, growing up in an almost middle class home I can definitely see the reasons behind the growth in number of fat people. At times it was less expensive to feed 3 people in a drive-thru than it was to cook a dinner. Not to mention I can imagine the fatigue of a single mother after a workday was overwhelming and the idea of cooking dinner being farfetched. The weight, no an intentional pun, cannot just rest there, we as a society need psychic shift or an awakening to what is happening.

This is not just conspiracy theory non-sense but something we need to look in to.
It is interesting that as the economy has gotten worse over the years at the same time so has obesity. We are told to eat healthy and what is considered healthy however those things are not always feasible when a vast majority of the country is barely getting by. Some time back there was a social study done by someone in the wellness industry in relation to a new show on what the struggle is like being on a middle class income and eating healthy. During this study the test subject, the wellness expert, was given a limited income and told to do all of her grocery shopping on that budget. A video of her shopping and going through that process that so many of us know where we are trying to add everything in our head to see if we will have enough money for the rest of the week or month. At the end of the study the test subject said she had hardly enough money to eat even semi healthy. Much of what she bought was much of what I grew up on, there were a lot of boxed dinner choices, processed foods, and very of the recommended healthy foods that are recommended.

The cards are stacked against us friends but in the end we are in complete control of it all. Yes, we may have genetic issues and whatever else but we are powerful beings that can accomplish nearly anything with a little determination.

I am now taking responsibility for my weight, I am fat and I want to change that. I have my options and I am weighing them.

Sorry, these puns are killing the seriousness of matter but they sure are fun to make.

Take charge of your happiness and your wellbeing. If you need support or encouragement email me, and remember you got the power!

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