This is the third installment of Confessional of a Fat Person. Thank you for reading the other two installments.

Have you ever done something that you thought you never were ever going to be able to do again?

Very rarely does some experience something where it prohibits them from doing something they used to do with ease. Imagine being in a horrific accident and losing the use of a leg and after 5 years you walk for the first time. Do you know what that would feel like?! What would be going through your head?

I betting your Facebook status would be something like this: #OMFG I just walked for the first time in 5 years. Bring me a body of water, for my next trick I am going to be like Jesus!

In my last post I talked about me taking matters into my own hands and no longer playing the victim to my weight. So as of Monday I did just that. I started going to a fitness boot camp here in Oceanside, Way of Life Boot Camp. Their were a couple of reasons I joined. The main reason is that my good friend whom for privacy purposes I will call Wario began going about a month ago and has nothing but positive things to say about it. Not to mention, of people around me Wario has been the greatest encouragement for me and keeps pushing me to keep getting active. Secondly, there was a Living Social offer, 1 Month for $21.00 which is a great deal. Here is the link for the offer. Third reason, there have been several other larger men that have attended the boot camp and have had great results. Lastly and unexpectedly the support from everyone there is great, really makes me want to give my all. The encouragement from strangers is empowering as well uplifting, the instructor there is on point! Between Wario who has been going and another friend who I will refer to as Queen (their name means Queen) who started the same day I did I have had great support and encouragement, thank you guys.

This will be the point to the third installment, have support. If not from someone you know then a stranger. Be where people encourage you to go after your goals, they pull or/and push you when needed. There are more than enough metaphors and sayings regarding this but in the end, JUST DO IT is suffice.

So what I was talking about in the beginning with the whole imagine you lost your leg thing was when I blew my knee out in 2008. See, since then I have not done a lot of physical activity, it hurts a lot at times because of the damage from my injury and my weight. Well tonight I pushed past that and did more running tonight than I have done in nearly 6 years!!


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