“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”

It takes a lot of work to live your dream. It is a lot of work to even find out what that dream is! From what I can see and from what I have experienced it is really real. You can live out your dream. In fact you don’t have to live just one!

Several years ago my dream as a minister was to see thousands touched by God in a real way, I just wanted to be apart of it. In 2008 I got exactly that. I was working for a ministry that was hosting an event in Florida, on the second day everyone knew something was different. We had done events like this before and would see the local church body affected but this one began to change lives from all over the city and state, people would walk into the church because as they were driving by they felt something draw them in. You can’t un-see someone be sovereignly be drawn by God. That was my dream then.

After I had seen that and everything kind of settled I was left with this question:

“What do I do now?”

I lived my dream but I was only 26yrs old. Honestly it took me a long to recover. I felt like I had lived a lifetime already. When I decided to begin to function in life again finally I just went back into the old routine and trying to resurrect the old dream in a new way and it felt lifeless. Every road was a dead end.

Stay tuned for Dreaming Pt.2