Here is to Dreaming Pt.2

I was trying to resurrect a dream that was already fulfilled because I know what else to do. Thought I could make it bigger and better with even more fulfillment. The best way to see it for what it really was is to think of someone who lives only in the past. Maybe you’ve seen it on TV or you have that friend, it’s someone who focuses on all they were in high school and how they were this, did that, and were so apart everything popular then. Now, now they aren’t that. Now they’re some random person in a company with a 500 employees, and there is nothing wrong with that. My point is that the past is exactly that but I didn’t see that then, I want to live where the was no risk because I had already lived those goals.

It was depressing, I had nothing going. My side business was fading, I wasn’t motivated, and I just faded away.

One day on my way to church something just clicked, I needed a sudden change.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a sudden change brings life.” ~ Proverbs 13:12

So I did just that!

I began making changes. First thing I started with was relocating. Being in a city as large as San Diego it is important to be in some form of community, whether it be friends, family, or social groups. We need people. I moved closer to where my community was, I needed them close. From there I changed my job, because I was in a place of searching or being introspective so that I can find my next dream to live I wanted a job that didn’t require a lot of effort. I needed something that wasn’t relying me to generate the business. I got a great job. When I moved, I moved in with a friend, it wasn’t the most ideal situation but it worked long enough until I could get settled in the new area. I eventually got my own place and life was good.

I had a good job, a nice home, and I had my community.

Dreaming Pt. 3 tomorrow…


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