I skipped a day.

My apologies.

Dreaming Pt.3 lets do this!

It is amazing what having some peace in your soul will do! Though external situations we hope wouldn’t shake our eternal perceptions the truth is they do. It’s not because our faith is weak or that we are riddled with unbelief but simply we are human and we are brittle.

For He knows what we are made of; He knows our frame is frail, and He remembers we came from dust. – Psalm 103:14

It is these moments when all seems good I catch my breath and see how much I have grown and the lessons I have learned. More importantly the stability gives me the opportunity to begin dreaming. This time it was different, I didn’t want to travel and speak to the masses but I started wanting to focus on the one.

I was done with conventional ministry, I still am.

I found myself always thinking how if there was a way I could help people learn to day dream and somehow make those dreams a reality I would do that. That is where it began. That was the beginning of Dream But Don’t Sleep or I as often referred to it as DBDS. DBDS really came alive after I lost my job 2012 due to an injury that occurred outside of work which kept me from working. While looking for work I also focused on building this dream or idea of an organization that would help individuals discover their dreams and make the steps to leading them to living that dream.

Through the startup I had several friends supporting me in my effort, they either believed in me or they believed in the idea of what I wanted to do. I spent many hours at new found office, Starbucks whether it was tweaking the site or logo, writing out what was buried in me, or casting the vision with someone just so I could get out of me. The idea was great but it never caught much flight. It was a bitter sweet ending, the dream didn’t die but it was definitely taking a nap.

During this time I had a lot going on in my life from a starting relationship to trying to not lose my home because of someone else’s bad choices.

This was the start to my emotional breakdown.

Dreaming Pt.4 coming soon!


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