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There are a few select people in my life that attribute to being like a father to me, this man above is one of them. He is also my Pastor. Truly a man of faith and grace.I occasionally refer back to a very dark period of my life and if not for this man's willingness to see me through I am not sure I would have come through. Whether it was a cup or coffee or visiting me at 1am to talk with me, he was there. The love he conveys in his words and action are not even comparable. Even in discipline. He was not afraid to put me in my place, he cared so much for me he saw it as an necessity to keep me walking rightly. The respect and honor I have for him is immense.
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FREE MEDITATION CLASS @ Way of Life, Oceanside – 8PM "I want to be successful." That's a statement we have either said or heard but what does it mean? What is this vaguely defined mythological creature we chase after and better yet, how do we capture it?Tonight's meditation will take you through time and space within yourself (kind of joking, kind of not) to discover how to achieve success.There is no need to prepare or anything like that, just bring your self and your heart. Something to write with may be good to.