If you havent watched, read, or heard about Eric Garner then just go on Twitter. You could also google it. Eric Garner died July 17th while being arrested. Arresting him was quite the process apparently too, it took several officers to bring him to the ground and it is in that he died. In the video, watch here http://youtu.be/rMb-teDR-dI, Garner was trying to initially figure out why he was even being approached it was after an officer went behind to apprehend him that he began to become defensive, this was what eventually led to his death. Within seconds several officers surrounded him and one even utilizing a choke hold from a standing position to continuing to have it in place as Garner laid on the ground. My first question will be is since when can police use choke holds to arrest people, when did every day life turn into Fight Club? For the next several moments you hear Garner’s voice weaken as he is trying to say he can not breathe and eventually he goes silent. One thing I will say here is that the choke hold CAN be applied without cutting off the air to the victim. If Garner had not died he could have suffered brain damage from the officer’s negligence. 

I am sure some are thinking what in the hell does this white guy know about NWA (google them) and police brutality?

Here Is Where I Say Eff The Police
I never knew the feeling of being isolated or profiled by police until about 3 years ago. I was in Kansas on a ministry trip and while there the pastor allowed my friend and I to use his car, a CadiLlac CTS. One night after a service I was driving the pastor home, it was around 1 AM, we had gone to dinner right after the service. So I was driving, after making a left turn on to another street I see the dreaded combination of lights telling me I need to pull over. I pull over as needed. The cop proceeded to tell me I made an illegal left turn but our light was green. Immediately the pastor explains to the officer that we are visiting ministers and it is car, that I was driving because he was tired, and that everything with car is legit. After the officer runs my name, seeing I have no priors or any record for that matter he gives me a ticket for an expired licsence which I later got removed as it was waiting in my mail box in California.

The real issue was I sit real low in every car, I am short and that night I was wearing a solid black hat with a slight tilt. I still have a little hip-hop flare to me. I got pulled over because I looked “gangster” because there was no light violation. If there was he would have issued a moving violation. 

A few months back my close friend and I were meeting for breakfast and he was notably late which was unlike him. Once he arrived he began to tell me that he had got pulled over for not having any licence plates. His car was maybe two weeks old, just coming off of the lot and the plates had not come in but he had the temp registration in the window and still the dealership plates still on the car. Whatever. It was what the cop said to him that outraged me! Once my friend told the cop the car was new and provided the proper documentation showing so the officer tells him “one of your kind got past me last week for this.” As my friend told me this all I could think is WTF and if I had been there I probably would have got arrested for my response to that officer. My friend is latino, brown. 

Though police brutality and profiling may tend to be demonstrated mainly on those other than white it does not only happen there.

In highschool it was rumored that local police were looking for me because of series of acts if vandalism. Why? Because the tagger’s name was Sumo and I am fat. No other reason. I am not asian (joke). I was profiled for being fat. 

When those who enforce the law are corrupted we need a justice system in place that does not favor the badge over the citizen. Eric Garner’s last breath is a cry for the need of a better checks and balances.

I pray for peace and justice in the hearts of Garner’s friends and family.