Westley Roderick is a dynamic  preacher that carry’s a breaker anointing. He is one of the best communicators I know and has a heart for revival

– Cole Mackie, Director of School of the Supernatural, Fresh Fire Ministries

Westley is a fabulous person and an incredibly gifted speaker with a passion that burns white hot for God! I have done thousands of meetings over the years and in five minutes one evening while in Fresno (during a meeting) he gave me a word that is still unfurling! Westley prophesies prophetic progressive revelation with accuracy! A guy like that, any Pastor, and or ministry can benefit from. Be careful guys… If you have Westley in you might not want him to leave! He is genuine and has an humble servants heart, your people will be challenged but most of all loved! I can’t give higher marks to someone whom I’ve been in the revival trenches with.

– Whole Heartedly, David Hunter, Extreme Faith Intl