November 15, 2018 7:00 PM UTC-8

Time: 7:00pm PST

Address: TBA

I will preface this with a clear statement. What I saw in this next part of the vision was not literal or something I believe will manifest in the way it is described with imagery and that it is metaphorical.

I was brought behind the curtain where I could see all of California from an aerial view. From within there was a sense of calm. The curtain had a majestic nature about it that caused to appear to be more like a waterfall cascading from the heavens instead one giant piece of cloth. It had a shine to it that was tangible. The only way I could describe it would be to say it looked like oil with gold flakes inside of it, or to be the Glory of God.

From San Diego to the most Northern parts I saw fires burning. These were not wild and uncountable fires by no means but very much controlled fires.

As I got closer to the fires I saw that were not fires at all but actually these were homes. I asked the Lord why these homes looked like fires from above which He replied “This is the fire storm I am sending California. There will be groups of burning ones that will gather in homes all across California and I will consume them because I am a consuming fire. These burning homes will shine bright and men will come to them in darkness for refuge.”

for He is like a fierce fire that consumes everything. – Hebrews 12:29, The Voice

From what the Lord was saying I knew the He was referencing that as the times in California get more challenging for those of Christian faith there be places of sanctuary and presence. These homes will be marked as such. Similar to in times past when Christianity was outlawed sailers changed the design of their anchors by adding a cross bar creating a cross out the anchor, a symbol of hope to those who looked for a light in the midst of troubling times.

These houses of fire will be that sign of hope.

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