I saw the scales of justice in the Heavens and they were in balance and remained in balance no matter the accusations the enemy tried to conjure up. Suddenly the heavens darkened like a storm and in the midst of the scale was the Lord, He was standing in one of the bowls. As He stood there no matter the accusation the scales did not move as if none of the accusations from the enemy carried no weight compared to the presence of the Lord.

As we enter into this new month there is a new season upon us, a season within a season. Many of us are in longer journey but it is created with many mini seasons within it. During this time the courts of Heaven are in your favor in an immeasurable way as you stand with the Lord.

This is the time to present major injustices to be made just and see the Lord’s favor and restitution.

The enemy will be held accountable and you will be made right.