This week in San Diego (SD County) probably seemed like a foreshadowing of the apocalypse for its residents as nearly every City in North County San Diego experienced a wildfire.

It was about 11:30 AM when my work made the decision to evacuate the building. At first it started with voluntary and within 10 minutes it became mandatory. I was completely unaware. It was not until I attempted to turn onto Camino Vida Roble from the back gate of the Carlsbad Airport that I saw anything, and then I saw everything! There was a fire directly in front of me and another northwest of me, this one behind the AMPM on Palomar Airport Rd and Camino Vida Roble, and cars everywhere going nowhere. Apparently the fire northwest which later was named the Poinsettia fire had been burning for quite some time as there were police already directing traffic and hundreds of people trying to get to their loved ones and homes. As I was waiting I did what any other logical person would do, take picture and tweet them out. I was going nowhere fast. Instead of getting routed to San Marcos where I live I was routed towards the 5. In between calling family and friends letting them know I was safe and making my way from the fire zone I noticed I had a notification from Twitter. Apparently someone from CNN wanted to call me and ask me about the fire, so I sent my number through a private message to them and within moments I had someone calling me. The Executive Producer for Wolf Blitzer wanted me to an on air phone interview with them regarding the fires. I agreed. Never ended up doing the interview, apparently they got in touch with some fire chief and what he had to say was far more important than what I had to say.

It took me nearly 3 hours, 3 hours to drive from Carlsbad to Oceanside. A drive I know that only should be about 20 minutes. I was tired of being in a car and famished.

Thank God for Wing Wednesday! My friend and I went to The Draft in Oceanside to partake. Every TV had a different news channel covering the fires, it was near overwhelming. Fire after fire was starting or restarting. Text after text asking if I was ok or what the newest news was.

Something had to be done. I wanted to do something.

I started reaching out to people on through my social media channels, one organization was willing to start raising support but there was a lot of red tape to even get that started. Determined, I kept talking to Instagrammers and Tweeters. We all wanted to do something. After a few minutes of research I found a way to start collecting donations online. The biggest challenge at that point was what to name it. Matt from Karma Clan in Carlsbad and I were brainstorming via text (prior to that day we had never talked but met through IG) and the light bulb came on.

Make It Rain SD or as we have been sharing it MakeItRainSD, the name carried truth and an urban youthful flare. The whole reason these fires spread the way they do is because of the lack of rain, San Diego needs rain. The other side of this name is the hip-hop association of “makin it rain” better described of giving the appearance of making it rain money, those whom have lost everything by these fires will have to rebuild and need out support. By 3 AM the next morning was up and running, waiting for donors.

My heart goes out to those whose lives were affected by the fires. When broken down, these families and individuals have to replace everything from socks to table salt. The need is huge.

This tragedy brought strangers together. Three people who were complete strangers prior to the fires, none which are natives to San Diego came together to support the city which they have grown to love and call their own. This is the power of community, when we unite and demonstrate love for our fellow man we can conquer even the greatest of tragedies.

My goal for is to raise at least $5,000.00 which to me is a small amount compared to what was lost.

Whether it is through or through someone else I hope you give.

Thank you to Matt from The Karma Clan and Menot for partnering with me.

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise


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