I am trying to get back on the wagon of writing so we’ll see. Granted, would writing be done on a wagon? I imagine it to be very difficult to write with all the bumps and uncomfortable seating. Anyways.

Trust, in my opinion, is the greatest commodity. There’s nothing more powerful or intimate than trust. When there is trust, intimacy is better and the strength of the relationship is greater. Trust in relationships, and not just faithfulness but also in a doing what’s best for the longevity of the relationship as well.

My point.

In relationships trust helps prevent the wrong kind of sleepless nights, helps create joy, lowers stress, and all sorts of other things. It is earned by listening. Listening to what is said and to what is not said. Capturing the heart of a person and protecting it. That is my super simple definition of trust.

Trust is huge. From a biblical stand point women are asked to trust their husband, the husband is instructed to love his wife as Christ loved the church. Honestly, men need all the mercy and grace wives can give. As a man, to me, there is nothing more edifying knowing that my counterpart trusts me. When I hear “I trust you” I feel unstoppable. At that point I know I am empowered to do what is needed and make big complicated decisions, like order Starbucks without being told what to get. (I jokingly say that greatest intimacy between people is when you can order Starbucks for someone without them telling you what they want.)

We must show ourselves worthy of being trusted! Being here on this planet together with these millions and millions of people we are bound to find someone that we will need to trust us.

How do we do that?

I asked some people and the most common answer was time but here is a short list of how to become trustworthy:

1. Be patient and don’t rush it. It isn’t something that happens over night.

2. Be consistent in action and word. If people see that your words and actions line up with each other they see you are consistent. Preach what you practice.

3. Give trust. Trust is like a commodity, it is something to be exchanged back and forth. Think of it like a bucket, it will fill faster if you are both giving.

4. Be faithful. If someone gives you just a little trust be faithful with it. If that person sees they can trust with little or common things then they will eventually trust you with greater and more intimate things.

5. Be you. People can sense when you are not genuine. Fake people have a plastic feel to them. An example of not being genuine is over compensating, ask yourself this question when you are unsure, who am I trying to convince?


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