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"Is it your job to make us cry?" She asked as she wiped her tears with her shirt. I responded with "Not exactly but it is my goal because if I can break you will get breakthrough." She left smiling and laughing and I knew it had worked.When did crying become a bad thing? We all do it! It's like the two things we don't talk about is pooping and crying, bad analogy? Maybe. But the point is crying is not a bad thing. Crying is nothing to be embarrassed of.I get it. There is a negative connection with crying – pain of some sort but part of the healing process is letting those tears and those emotions go and flow. It is my thought that because we don't allow that built up emotion flow we are creating a worse and longer painful moment by causing ourselves to suffering.Do yourself this favor, allow yourself to cry.It will be ok
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Thankfulness is the secret key to the majority of life, in my humble opinion.Tag someone you are thankful for, don't even really have to say why. This is just to let them know "Hey, yea you, I thankful for you in my life" and just like that gratitude is expressed!Pretty simple right?Hopefully this will start a regular thing for you and expressing your gratitude towards others. Like Garth Brooks says in a song "if tomorrow never comes will they know…" I will go first!