Confessional of a Fat Person IV

I am no weight loss expert but I can tell you how to gain weight with the best of them, I spent nearly 31 years of my life doing it. Now I am making some changes and one of the biggest ones I am making is what and how I eat. Recently I have started planning my meals ahead of time allowing me to eat healthier and spend less money.

For years I assisted in the exponential profit growth of the fast food industry, readymade meals, and grocery stores. It is so easy to pretend that because I got a diet coke with that #1 from any of the drive thru restaurants that I am being health conscious. In all honesty and reality the feeling I get within 15 minutes of eating it tells a different story. A feeling I am sure you are familiar with, the spontaneous lethargy, saturated fats making its way through the veins to the heart, and some slight shame because we know we could have made a better decision. Maybe it is because I did not make the time to eat something better or prepare a lunch for myself so that I am not left eating crap. One of the myths that I subscribed to for much of my life is that eating out was more cost effective and by no means is this true. Yes, it does appear that it is cheaper to feed a family in drive thru but that same amount of money applied in a grocery store can go even further and be much healthier. My own experience with this way of thinking was when I moved from the Chula Vista area to North County San Diego, I moved because of a job I was starting and had barely any money to make it to my first payday. Looking back I laugh but I had it all planned out, I had just enough money to cover gas and somehow figure out eating. You know the struggle is real when you think Taco Bell is your saving grace, they had just launched some $2 value meal so my plan was I had enough money to eat twice a day and I would just switch it up every day. That was my grand survival plan, to eat Taco Bell twice a day for just over a week until pay day.

But Why?
See, I could not see myself spending $10 at once which would have bought me the things needed to make something as simple as spaghetti which would last me a longer period of time and so much healthier. This form of thinking comes from a poverty mindset. I was not able to see the end result because I was blinded by the fear of spending a larger amount at once so I made several small purchases which either cost the same if not more but all in all had contribution to my weight and health. Unfortunately this is a scenario which families have to face daily but there are plenty of options available.

Then there is the convenience of box meals. Who doesn’t like beef stroganoff with that little glove person saying their prepackaged food is good to eat and good for me. I grew up on that stuff! It was perfect for a single parent or in many cases a 10 year old cooking and feeding a small family. How about Mac N Cheese, was that even cheese? I made so many great things from that stuff though but it was just a means to an end. Food items like that are marketed to families to create an illusion that they are taking care of their families with a wholesome and “healthy” while providing little to no nutrition value at all. Grocery store aisles are full of these just add this or that ready to eat meals which on the surface seem harmless when you think about it certain things just should not be in a powder form.

The Grocery Store

The grocery store is my frenemy. One of the biggest tools we can have in grocery shopping is a grocery list. Walking into a grocery the entrance is well thought out path of destruction enclosed in yesterday’s baked good, discounted treats, and the newest chip on sale. Everything is geared to get you to buy what you never intended on buying, whether it is products on the end of the aisle or the randomly placed laundry detergent. A lot of time, research, and marketing go into designing the layout of a grocery store. This is why it is so important to go shopping with a list in hand! It is the only thing providing accountability while shopping. Not to mention that it prevent over spending.

Since I have started cooking all my own foods and planning my meals I have spent less and lost weight. I highly recommend it! So farin my journey I have lost 18lbs in 5 weeks from changing my eating habits and remaining consistent with my fitness trainers at Way of Life Boot Camp, actually my meal plan came from them. My journey is public so feel free to watch my journey through either the SunnyDwes Facebook page or my personal page and go like Way of Life Boot Camp.