Resting and relaxing is essential in life and I also think it is a secret to staying creative.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. It was my day off but I was not able to sleep as I wanted due to a power outage in the middle of the night and the fish tank in bedroom turning on at 7AM in the morning but I was still well rested. Shortly after waking up I received a text from a friend saying he was playing hooky from work, usually when one of do this we go to breakfast. I got up and met him for breakfast at Broken Yolk in San Marcos.

This is where my day begins…

After we got done with our very late breakfast we decided to hit up the nearby cigar shop, I really enjoy the relaxation that comes with just sitting in a lounge environment while smoking a cigar. Noticing the place was not open for a few more minutes I decided to make good use of my time and drop my car off for an oil change. By the time we returned to Vera Cruz the doors were opened and the aroma of that only fine tobacco can create hit our nostrils.

Here is the point to it all.
That was just creating context for this post.
Shortly after we sat down and started our cigars the owner, Sam, sat down and lit up his mid-morning cigar. Within only a few moments we struck up your typical conversation of what we do for work, what brought us in, and so on. As we continued talking we began to discuss the importance of family, relationships, and communication. It was really a great conversation; I enjoyed hearing Sam’s stories and his views on various things. One of the best things he said is that when someone sends him a text he won’t reply to the text but he will call the person back instead because the text is so impersonal. That really made me think, this day and time we have the ability to be more connected than ever before but we seem to be more disconnected than before.

I always refer back to the importance of community and the importance it has to our quality of life and our happiness. Community can be created through friends, family, and even strangers; everybody is a stranger until you meet them. It can take hard work to create that feeling of community and connection but it is worth it.

Living in a city as large and spread out as San Diego has definitely presented its challenges in creating that since of community. I originally moved here with friends and since those friends have moved on but along the way I have made good friends, some which I can consider a part of my community and others are friends. What is the difference? Community is group of people whom you tend to interact with regularly; they reflect who you are, what you do, and what you are about. Friends are people you occasionally see but there is not much in the idea of intimacy.

It took me several years while living here in San Diego to become a part of a community. It was not with the people I thought it would be, some of them I have just recently met but they are great people. It is great to be a part of a group of people thriving after something in life. We are there to encourage and build each other. Community is essential in happiness and success.

I encourage you to keep pursuing community until you find it.

Community is not solely dependent on people you already know but can be the people you have yet to meet, so keep an open mind and talk to strangers. Just don’t take candy from them.

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