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I will start with that I know this will upset some people. And well, I am used to that. Jesus didn't interfere with politics, Jesus came with an invisible kingdom or his own set governing laws. One of the most major upsets of Jesus' life was that He did not overthrow the government that was currently oppressing the Jewish people instead He turned the religious order on it's head. He did this through love and loving well.Jesus lived amongst those practicing homosexuality, no there is no direct scripture but considering the Roman influence and culture at the time it is safe assumption. However, never confronted the matter. What is in scripture is Jesus sitting amongst the worst of the worst of His time and calling them friend. Not calling out their wrong doings and short comings. Want to know who He did do that to? The church leaders. Those making it difficult to find God the Father. And that fig tree, that thing pissed Him off!I am not trying to create doctrine or say one way is more right than the other. What I am trying to say is if Jesus is the example than damn well better study His behavior again! Not that anyone needs to be forced through change but the only way true change comes about is through love.
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Nothing is more enticing than someone being genuine.