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Being someone who enjoys watches I think the watches from @stealtimeback are very unique and just plain cool! It is a great reminder to be present and remain in the now. We get so carried away with how time has passed and how much we have left we do not take the time be in the now.I don't even own one, I just think the idea is so unique and inspiring I wanted to share. #stealtimeback #now
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Creativity comes in many ways. Being a creative person doesn't mean you just paint, draw, write, photography, fashion, or any of the other popular things. Creativity is grafted into your DNA and you see life in a different way, kind of like the Matrix.There are times when creativity is something that can be tapped in to, others when has to be forced, and then sometimes creativity taps into you and it takes over you. At least that has been my experience.There was a season in my life where I could not create enough. I started painting, then writing, drawing, onto poetry, and eventually baking. I could not create enough! Often I was doing most of these at the same time or a couple of them a day. I didn't try to pull in the reigns and control it but instead I let it go freely, I had to see where it would end. During that time I baked I don't know how many giant cupcakes, one had a chocolate pudding filling though. I wrote 5 or 6 poetic pieces, maybe 12 blogs, countless drawings on paper, the sliding door, and even the shower walls, and I even did a few spoken word recordings.Creativity owned me and I let it at that time. What's the point? Sometimes you just need to let go and let it happen :)