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One of the most powerful forces we possess as humans is the ability to not forgive, its actually more powerful than forgiveness it self. When we hold onto an injustice or grudge we are poisoning the people around us. First, it starts with ourselves because our thoughts and actions are clouded by our "anger" or hurt. Emotions get triggered any time the other party is mentioned or brought up which leads us back to the original wound, its like we keep picking at it and eventually causes a scab but this how it also effects bystanders. The second person or persons unforgiveness effects are those who around you, your bitterness gives off a vibe and whether you realize it or not others are picking up what you are putting down. Not to mention if any of these people are in relationship with the party you have a quarrel with it puts them in awkward position. Lastly, unforgiveness effects the person or persons you have an issue with by not letting the matter be resolved. Holding on to it as if it is something that is needed to survive and at the same time it takes the oxygen right from their lungs.To be frank, well I am Westley, so to be honest unforgiveness is selfish. Has everything to do with pride and the justification of your pain. With or without unforgiveness your pain very well may be justified but your suffering is your responsibility and you have the ability to break it, by forgiving.Maybe I was wrong, forgiveness is the most powerful thing we humans possess.We should use it more often.
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Such a good reminder, you have made it this far! Maybe it was a big move or giving up comfort for adventure, whatever it was it scared the hell out of you. The important thing is that you are reading this post right now!Why?Because you reading this post means you are still alive and kicking, and any day above ground is a good day. REMEMBER THAT! Thank you @thegoodlifeposts for the reminder.