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I am beyond convinced that home is not a place or a building but somewhere in the heart where kin dwell.For me these two are home. Time and whereabouts have not changed the feeling of "Home Sweet Home" when I am with them.
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8yrs ago I was on a path to change my life forever but as the time came closer I decided against it. I was going to subject myself to going under the knife and have the Gastric Bypass surgery done because I thought I was tired being the token fat guy. The Director of Medicine was impressed with my mental state of mind and had approved my surgery. I would have lost the weight I am trying to lose now, actually I gained 60lbs from that point.See I passed their psychology screening but my mind was not ready. And, it took me a number of years to get to the place where I am mentally prepared and strong enough to do this but this time I am doing this a healthier way and not getting cut, well not by a knife at least.Yes, there are times I wish this would just be done with it already. Those who have started after me have passed me, and to be honest that just sucks at times to see but I cheer them because I know their battle. They are not me and I am not them. Each journey has its own characteristics and thats what makes it yours and unique.