Its not about the number on the weight but about the muscle contraction. Yes, we make a goal to go heavy but unless we are competing or ego lifting our goal should be that specific muscle or muscle group and not the number on the weight.That is my big lesson.Somewhere between attempting to relive my high school days like Al Bundy or wanting to be a bad ass I will try to go heavy as possible or heavier than I should but I don't need to. I am not a power lifter. My goal is to change my body composition, lose weight. Not power lift, I have no desire to bench press a tank though it would be cool. I think we men especially feel as if we have to prove something to others but really it is our ego. Not Eggo. Ego. Ego will lead to injury.Whether our pride or our body, functioning will eventually lead to injury. A buddy of mine, who is good shape and string as hell, let his ego get the best of him in trying to show up some "youngsters" at the gym, and he did. He also had to have his shoulder put back into place as well, was it worth it? I don't know.  Even for me, trying to go heavy to soon and be the bearded and tattooed bad ass I believe myself to be developed Tennis Elbow and know curling 10lbs hurts. Moral is, who cares about the number go for the feeling of that muscle contracting, it will grow.