The Cataclysmic Collision of Chronos and Kairos Time

Just a couple of days ago as I was conversing with the Lord He spoke these words to me “there is going to be cataclysmic collision of chronos and kairos time.” As I meditated on what the Lord was speaking to me I kept on seeing this burst of a great white light but if I were to be transparent I was not entirely sure of what cataclysmic really meant. I had a general understanding that it would be dealing with something among the stars and in space but did not have a true understanding.

When you begin to research what a cataclysmic collision is the best description that one can find is when two stars collide into each other and explode. When this happens various forms of raw materials manifest from gold to iron and can even cause disruptive magnetic waves in the atmosphere around it. I want to paint the picture of what is taking place to create a better understanding of what’s about to happen in your life.

Chronos time is easiest described as chronological time or the time span of a human life while Kairos time is defined as a critical time, opportune time, or best known as a God ordained time.

Those two dimensions of time are about to collide and what is going to come from that is destiny and purpose. Seasons which you may have thought were in vain are all the sudden are going to have understanding and purpose. Those tears will make sense. It will be coming into the knowledge and understanding of Jeremiah 1:5, the “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb and I have a plan for you.”

The collision will cause major disruption in the plans of men and put many on a course for greatness!

I believe wholeheartedly that the magnetic disruption will clear out all distraction and discouragement. Those grey clouds that seemed to follow you will no longer be attached but what will be is the goodness and glory of God, as they will be drawn to you.