Life at times seems to be a never ending stream of dramatic events at the same time the funnest slip-n-slide in the existence of slipping and sliding. Aren’t I good with imagery? But, really life has its crazy moments and crazy,sometimes is a good thing. So many times have I tried to have all my ducks in a row but have you ever tried to walk a duck let alone several of them to the point they will walk single file?

To truly live is to take risks. Some could say my life is in shambles. One of those “some” could be me at times but I have taken a lot of risks and have seen a lot of amazing things.

Honesty can be a lonely word.

With the amazing I have seen some stuff movies could be made about, have had my life crash before my eyes. I have picked up the pieces and like hump dumpty I have been put back together over and over.

What’s my point?

Somehow I see past all the blah and poop and see beauty.

I like having some form of chaos, it lets me be free. I try not to allow anything to hold me down for to long. I count down to the next time I take flight.

If anyone does read this…

Be dangerous. Be risky. Fly.

The only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t try.

The bible has a story bout a guy who tried to walk on water to come to Jesus, impossible you say? Homeboy did it! Took a few steps, realized what he was doing and began to sink but HE DID IT CAUSE HE TRIED.

I wonder what I am to afraid of to do because I think I might sink?


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