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FREE MEDITATION CLASS @ Way of Life, Oceanside – 8PM "I want to be successful." That's a statement we have either said or heard but what does it mean? What is this vaguely defined mythological creature we chase after and better yet, how do we capture it?Tonight's meditation will take you through time and space within yourself (kind of joking, kind of not) to discover how to achieve success.There is no need to prepare or anything like that, just bring your self and your heart. Something to write with may be good to.
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People will try to break you, break your spirit, make you like them, and quench your zeal but don't you dare let them. You were born to be wild and full of power but controlled. Why? Why do people want to break you?Freedom, real freedom scares them. They don't know what to do with such power and freedom so they must subject themselves to another so that can be led from one place to the next. What is interesting is their heart longs to be free, to be like you but at the same time they are riddled with fear and hesitation which is dividing line between you them.Remain strong and courageous. Lead others into the liberties you know and enjoy. Continue to enjoy each moment as you have knowing that it is yours and yours alone.They will try to break you, taunt you, and mock you but don't you dare let them. You were born to be wild and full of power.