Through out most of my adult life I have had a mentor, someone who I can talk to about life and the surrounds it. Loosely put or interpreted is that it is not good for man to be alone and we don’t have to be! Being mentored doesn’t mean I am lost or I have problems but instead it means I value the wisdom of others who lived life ahead of me.

Mentorship can be followed back through out history and can be anywhere, including your local barbershop but more on that in a later piece. Simply, its everywhere and goes by various aliases such as internship, apprenticeship, discipleship, and so on.

When I studied success and happiness I discovered they had a common denominator – support! We so often try to do it all on our own but we weren’t meant to and we don’t have to. People need people!

My encouragement to you is if you don’t have a mentor is to get one! You will soon see the benefit and more than likely become one yourself.