My brother from another mother and well another too, @iamjdinspires , posted this and these words cannot be truer.None of us who lead or follow for that matter are perfect, I know damn well I am not. I have a laundry list of flaws and shoot from the hip so much I often shoot myself in the foot. #iTalkTooMuch I just don't go around advertising my flaws but I also don't try to hide them nor make excuses for them. At the same time I have way too much self respect to allow other to abuse me with accusations without evidence.No man or woman is without character flaws but each of has the ability to work on them as they come to the surface. It is in that process I believe that grace and mercy are developed as a characteristic in us because it through those which stem from love we are changed. No one has grown fully developed in a day and no one has grown apart from the love of those surrounding them. A person with skinned knees does not need to be told they have skinned knees, they know - it hurts! But they do need a helping hand up and a shoulder to lean on until they can walk wholly once more.