Storms can come unexpectedly, even when we do expect them there is no sure way to prepare for them because it is nature and what not.Often times in life a storm will become the resistance between where we are and where we want to be and it us up to us to decide whether or not you will let it stop you or keep going. Will the storm and its chaos detour you and make you decide to wait it out or will the desire for where you want to be be greater and be the courage and tenacity you need to push through.Along the way here I faced many different types of storms all which if had their own way would leave me back in Oceanside (not a bad thing just not the right thing) but I kept my eye on the goal and regardless of the 2700 miles I drove, someone hitting my car, crazy weather, missing friends, and the craziness of it all I made it to Fort Mill, SC.

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