"WHY WE SHOULD BOYCOTT STARBUCKS"not reallyAs usual storms of club carrying Christians are taking to social media over such a tragic event, Starbucks did use their typical holiday red cups but blank ones only. This outraged is being fueled by media and public figures alike in statements such "Starbucks hates Christians!" Again, the outcry for social justice in the retail world is not needed. Boycotting Starbucks is not hurting them, really, it is only hurting yourself and those around that need you to have that "triple pump organic pumpkin spice mochachinno with extra caramel and light ice at 172°" because you need to function! Maybe we are looking into this too much, that really it is simply to appeal to all walks of life. Let's think about it… Starbucks is an international company, not printing winter greetings probably saves them money globally because not everyone practices our weight gaining events known as holiday. Secondly, a plainer design more than likely saves money on multi color printing. The more reasons I think of it seems like a financial decision – lower production cost now to prevent customer cost later. Good stuff if you ask me!In addition, they are the one leading the coffee craze dance so they can kind of do what they want!Now I know the CEO has said openly he is not concerned about the public opinion of Christians and will continue to support what he feels supports the company values – ok, at least he is upfront with all that. Ironically, the coffee tastes just as magical!Lastly, we Christians are to be the within the darkness; we are to be the embodiment of love and hope not whining and temper tantrums.Here is a quote from Focus on the Family "I wonder if we’re not overthinking or overanalyzing this… Christmas isn’t found in a cup or in a snowflake. Instead, it’s found in the hearts and minds of those of us who believe that God sent His only son to earth in the form of an innocent, helpless baby."

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