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Change is not always easy. Change is not always chosen sometimes change chooses you.Change can be really good but can also be sad at times. Change is a change.
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Whatever it is it takes time. We are so enamored with immediacy that we forget to realize that there is much to the process. For example, let's say you want a cake because who doesn't want a cake? You have two options, you can buy one from the store or you can make one and we all know nothing beats homemade cake. Maybe this is a bad example… Another example, let's pretend you want to become a boxer. The fighting kind not the dog. Just because you put on gloves doesn't make you one and in all honesty you may not put on gloves for weeks until you get the basic movements down. It's a science, just ask my friend @roqboxing . It will take time, step by step but you will get there.Look at The Karate Kid! Daniel had no clue that wax on and wax off was actual training but those little pieces built into something.Learn to love and appreciate the process because it will lead to something big.