There is a new breed of prophets over America. This breed will be called, “The American Prophet”. He is going to give a voice to a remnant of people that are willing to see past the darkness, into the political realm, carrying the loving kindness of God, which will lead to repentance and cause America to see her purpose, beauty, and everything that she has always been destined and called to be.

Isaiah 63:7, “I will forever tell of the loving kindness of God.”

In this hour, God is speaking to America’s beauty and destiny. God is saying to America right now:

“No one compares to your beauty.
You are beautiful.
You have a purpose.
You have a calling.
You have a destiny.
I am going to restore you.
I am going to show you how beautiful you truly are
I am going to set you on display.
You are amazing.
You are the apple of my eye.”

There are sons and daughters being raised up in this hour that are called to speak to the destiny and to the beauty of America. A people who will operate as guardians for America in the prophetic realm, and they will see the what, when, how and where that the enemy is plotting.

The fourth emerging prophetic voice that I see God is breathing on, is a kingly anointing. The kingly anointing is a representation of the Father in Heaven. This anointing will carry the voice of the Father, resemble the voice of the Father, and resonate like the voice of the Father in Heaven.

This kingly anointing is going to bring healing and restoration to all people. God is going to speak to people through the voice of a father. He is going to begin raising up fathers that can raise up fathers.

A father or king looks after the well-being and welfare of the people serving alongside him. He doesn’t just seek his own will and glory. He looks to lift other people up because it’s all about creating a legacy throughout the generations. A true father looks 20, 40 years down the road.

God is raising up a prophetic company of people that are going to carry the heart of the father who will want to establish a generation of kingdom dwellers. We need fathers that can speak, fathers that can love, fathers that can come in with power and presence and disrupt the lies of enemy over the children of God. We have many teachers but not many fathers. These fathers will be all about the legacy that they are creating in the name of God, 40 years down the road, 80 years down the road, if the Lord tarries. God wants to breathe upon these people, God wants to raise up a generation of people who will become like The Father.

God will anoint their words that will carry so much weight and so much authority and cause them to go further than anyone else’s words. God will put something new and something fresh upon their lips and vocal cords, where the frequency and the tone of their voice will carry a weight and a vibration that will literally shake the earth. God is raising these people up right now.



You have a life changing message inside of you and it first will change your life! But is it getting out? If you know that you know you have a message shut up in your bones and need to get it out, then this is for you.

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