Yesterday I was given a written warning for my attendance at work and something kind of just dawned on me, I really need to calculate my decisions before I make them. It wasn’t because of the written warning I got this epiphany but because now I am not eligible to apply for a position that would be an increase in pay and a move to corporate office which I really want to do!

Little did I think my extended holiday break and those times I was late would result in hindering my goal, not hinder but actually stop it for the next 90 days. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? I could blame the devil or a Twinkie but I wont!

Accepting responsibility for our decisions and the repercussions whether good or bad and not squirming is a great demonstration of being a man, someone who is in control of their life.

So now I must focus leaving earlier for work and not missing work simply because. It is time to prove to my 27 bosses that I am the man for the job because I am!

How will you get to that next place?

What do you need to do?