Single Session  $137

Three Sessions  $333

Three Months  $800

Single Session

This ideal for the individual that needs a immediate edification and encouragement.

The session will be you, Westley, and Holy Spirit and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Together you will get straight to the point.

During that time Westley will ask you questions to help draw out and discern what God already is doing within you, decree the destiny which is discerned, and help remove possible hinderances you may be experiencing in your next big step of faith!

Three Sessions

Do you have a short term goal? This ideal for the individual that has a goal in mind. Whether it is to start a new project, find a niche, or work on a relationship

Over your three sessions you and Westley will build toward your goal. Together you will be able to track your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Within your sessions Holy Spirit will have liberty to move, together you will follow His leading.

A sudden change is a tree of life!

Three Months

Starting a business or ministry and need accountability to stay focused?

For every big celebration of success there are many mini celebrations along the way but staying focused is imperative to you accomplishing your definition of success.

Remain encouraged and built up through your journey by giving yourself this gift and watch how your life transforms as you transform the lives around you.

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