The mystical music sounds by Worship Leader Rockford Jordan in combination with narration of prophetic experiences and intimate prayers from emerging prophetic voice Westley Roderick (theh-o-ree’-ah) carries an catalytic anointing for encountering God.

Theoria (theh-o-ree’-ah) is beyond conceptual knowledge. It is the state in which the mind is placed in the heart. It is much like the difference between reading about the experience of another and having one’s own experience. Theoria is an expression of insight, and is deeply focused on the ‘now’, the ‘immediate’, and the ‘present’.

“While the direct vision of God can be reached only in the next life, God does give to some a very special grace, by which he becomes intimately present to the created mind even before death, enabling it to contemplate Him with ineffable joy and be mystically united with Him even while still alive, true mystical contemplation. In contemplation, man meets God face-to-face.” – Saint Augustine

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