Something I have to remind on what seems a daily basis.. People are multi dimensional, not just 3 dimensional either. A person has their outward appearance, their mind, their soul, their heart, and their emotions. None of which can be read in one meeting or just by one impression.See people aren't books, not at all and the comparison between the two is horrible. We have been told that you cannot judge a book by its cover but that is a lie, the cover goes all the way around the book and on the back there is a synopsis which is intended to entice potential readers. A place where you are provided the information needed to judge the book to be read by you or not.People are multidimensional, their cover does not always provide accurate information to judge them by. First impressions do tend to set the tone however those are only like reading the dedication page of a book. Take time to get to know someone. Hear what they are about and who they are. Find out who they love instead of what they love. Learn what makes them feel alive and what they would give their life for. And even then, even then this only the tip of the iceberg.That's it. People are like icebergs.