Are you familiar with your gifts & calling?

If so, it means you’ve taken the time to study them out in the word and also in application.

Are you comfortable ministering in the prophetic? Great!

If so, it either tells me that you’ve developed in it for awhile… or you have developed enough familiarity with God through intimate conversation that you arent afraid to trust his voice for others.

Here’s the next question…
Are you comfortable and confident enough in your gifts that you’ve stopped learning, developing, and challenging your contentment with taking more bold steps in faith?
I ask, because so many of us seek to acheive some level of confidence and contentment in our identities… but reaching those self-imposed levels of maturity can also become strongholds that hold us back from further development for powerful ministry.

“The Parliament” is a community of believers who are determined to stay moving, reach new heights in the Spirit, and grow in a more pure revelation of prophecy.
It’s a challenging and engaging mentorship built on the foundation of prophetic discipleship for people who are ready to advance in practical, effective, and supernatural operation of these gifts in our lives and ministries.

Heres what will be happening when you join:

  • 2 LIVE Teachings on the Prophetic Every Week
  • 2 Monthly Interactive Group Coachings (Video Conference Calls)
  • Guest Speakers from around the Nation
  • LIVE Devotions & Revelatory training through the new book “Of King’s & Prophets” by Westley Roderick

If this sounds like something you should be a part of, click the link and join us.