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We all had to crawl before we could run, even walk for that matter. So try not to despise the small beginnings in your success story. Celebrate the small victories! The large victories are created by the small ones anyhow. Someone once told me that champions (boxers) are not made in the ring, they are just recognized there. You will get your time to shine but in the right time, trust that all things will be orchestrated for your good.
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"you are beautiful"Words we use too much and hear to little. In a world so captivated with the idea of what another defines beauty as we lose our own definition of beauty and in turn we lose ourselves.If art is in the eye of the beholder than why not beauty?Are you beautiful?Don't ask me!Look in the mirror and ask yourself but the answer hopefully is a resounding "YES" because you were beautifully created.Spend less time looking for others to define you and what makes you beautiful and more time defining it your self.